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Lipo Battery Guidelines and Warnings

1) Charge only with a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery charger.

2) Use a balancing charger or cell balancer every time you charge your LiPo battery packs. A LiPo battery is considered balanced if all the individual cells in the battery pack within 0.05V of each other. The balancing function maintains this during charging to ensure individual cells are not overcharged and damaged

 3) Never charge lithium polymer batteries unattended.

4) Always charge in a fire-resistant container on a non-flammable surface (like concrete) at least five feet away from any flammable objects.

5) Do not charge lipo batteries to more than 4.20V per cell.

6) Do not discharge below 3.20V per cell under load (about 3.5-3.6V per cell resting voltage). Make sure to activate the Low Voltage Cut-off (LVC) in your device before using a LiPo battery in it.

7) Store battery at 40-50% charged (about 3.80V-3.90V per cell). Storing LiPos fully charged or depleted will shorten battery life dramatically and void warranty.

8) Store at below 80° F and above 40° F (not in direct sunlight). Never store or charge a battery pack inside your car in extreme temperatures (100° F and above), extreme temperatures could cause fire.

9) Do not leave your battery plugged into any device (including a charger or vehicle) when the battery is not in use or charging. This can lead to the battery being discharged below the minimum 3.2V per cell and permanently damage the battery.

10) Do not expose the battery to moisture or submerge it in liquid. Lipo batteries are not waterproof or water resistant. Exposure to moisture or liquid will damage electrical components and create a major risk of short circuit and fire hazard. If the battery is exposed to moisture or liquid at any point, it should no longer be used.