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"Colossus" v2 - 19-in-1 Charging Adapter

Our biggest, baddest charging adapter just got even better!

Features all of the most popular charging connectors including Deans Ultra-type, XT60, and EC3, plus many new popular connectors including XT30, XT90, and EC5! Includes 4mm banana plugs that fit most serial chargers.

Includes the following connectors:

  • Deans Ultra-type
  • Deans Micro
  • XT30
  • XT60
  • XT90
  • EC2
  • EC3
  • EC5
  • JST
  • mCX
  • mCPX
  • Tamiya
  • Mini Tamiya Male
  • HXT-4
  • Walkera
  • Losi Mini connector (Dromida)
  • Spektrum TX connector
  • Futaba J servo connector
  • Pair of bare leads (red & black)
Please Note:
These adapters are designed for charging (1) battery at a time. Attempting to charge multiple batteries at once could result in fire or damage to your battery and charger.