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Lectron Pro 3.7V 250mAh 30C Lipo Battery 2-Pack for Syma S107 / S107G Helicopters

Get 40% more runtime for your Syma S107 or S107G!

Has your Syma heli battery finally reached the end of its life? Don't shelve it! This single cell 250mAh 30C upgrade lipo offers almost double the flight time of the stock battery!

Compatible With:

  • Syma S107
  • Syma S107G

Dimensions (each battery):

  • Length: 25mm (0.98 in.)
  • Width: 20mm (0.79 in.)
  • Height: 6mm (0.24 in.)
  • Weight: 7g (0.25 oz)

Please Note: Some light soldering is required to install this battery.
    1. Remove canopy from helicopter by removing screws on each side of the canopy.
    2. Cut the red and then the black wire of the installed battery, leaving at least 1 inch of wire connected to the helicopter for splicing. Do not cut both wires at the same time, this can create a short circuit and damage the battery and the helicopter.
    3. Match up the new battery's wires to the wires on the heli, then solder them together. Alternately, you may simply twist the wire strands together if you do not wish to solder them. You may need to strip some of the insulation from the battery's wires to accomplish this. Start by connecting the negative wires (black to black) and completely insulate that connection with electrical tape before moving on to do the same with the positive (red) wires. Leaving the battery's black and red wires exposed at the same time may lead to an accidental short circuit and risk of fire.
    4. Put battery in original position and push it towards the back or at an angle. Fit may be tight. Check the balance/center of gravity of helicopter and adjust battery position accordingly.

This product will be in stock soon.